Care & Maintenance

Heat treatable stainless steels are rust resistant, not rust proof. To further protect your gun against corrosion, use the same care that you would use with a blued weapon. Lightly wipe it down with good gun oil. (Here at the shop, we use Eezox Premium Gun Care.)

To prevent galling or gummed action, the slide retainer and corresponding slot in the slide must be kept slightly lubricated. (Eezox is an ideal lubricant for this purpose since its effects are long lasting and it does not tend to pick up grit.)

The LWS 32 & LWS 380 both have a recessed ring in the chamber into which the case expands on firing, making the weapon a delayed blowback. Whenever the barrel is cleaned, a very light film of Eezox should be applied to the chamber by pipe cleaner or cotton swab. This prevents the first round fired after cleaning from possibly sticking in the chamber. Powder residues from firing accomplish the same purpose and it is only the first or second round fired from a completely clean and dry gun that may demonstrate a tendency for the case to stick on extraction.

Be sure the weapon is unloaded when it is oiled since certain oils may penetrate the cartridge primer and cause misfires.

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Seecamp Exploded View

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